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April 2017

Time Zones

What fun!

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Although we had known there were several time zones across Australia, we have only just been factoring these into our plans. As we understand it, when going from WA into the Northern Territory, the NT clocks are 45 minutes forward of WA. As that particular day was going to be long anyway, we may have an overnighter to avoid arriving too late in Katherine.
A few weeks later, thankfully while we should be in the middle of a two night stop, the clocks go forward (other than in Queensland). At that time we shall be in South Australia. However, just short of three weeks later, we duck from SA into Queensland which should be 30 minutes behind SA. A few days later we duck back into the NT which has the same time zone as SA, so we find their clocks 30 minutes ahead of Qld. Then a couple of weeks later we are back in Queensland, so 30 minutes behind NT!
For a few weeks we shall then be travelling through and resting in Queensland but then go into New South Wales which is an hour ahead of Qld. After that we have a few weeks of peace as regards time as we go through NSW, ACT, Victoria and Tasmania and then back into NSW and Victoria before crossing into SA again and there the clocks are an hour behind eastern states times.
Just to add a last little twist, we cross into WA which has a different time zone except between Eucla and Caiguna so somewhere in that part of the trip, our clocks will go back two hours!
This is one crazy country and, strangely, in all the readings we have done about Big Laps etc., no one has commented on the time zones which could make a heck of a difference in some places.
We may have a vehicle sorted out fairly soon and are crossing fingers and thumbs very tightly. Time is now beginning to slip by at a rate of knots!

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Moving on...

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Time for a progress report. We have ordered a camper trailer - a Black's Patron which is now, we are told, being assembled in Sydney and should be ready in plenty of time for our trip. Our very helpful friend, Tony, has put us in touch with a chap in Perth who is selling his 21 year-old Landcruiser 80 and so far this looks as if it could be just what we wanted. It has plenty of kms on the clock but these beasts go on and on, so what's another 30K odd?!

We have invested in a Garmin 770 and have downloaded the Australian maps. I still prefer my old legacy Tom Tom Go which seems to me to be more flexible in terms of what you can see on its smaller screen than the huge Garmin gadget. We'll give it a go and see how we get on. I am sure it will be invaluable on our trip but thus far it has no personality. With the old Tom Tom we could download an Aussie voice and 'Bruce' has been a constant companion over the years. I'm not sure that Serena or James are going to match Bruce's charm!

We have also been checking out grocery prices in Perth and it looks as if our first shop is going to be a doozy! Most of it will be stock items and when we compared what we would eat/use there compared with here, the price difference is not as huge as we had thought at one stage.

The weather here on Easter Sunday is really making us want to get cracking - grey, cold wind, some showers but not enough to really help the garden.

Lots more time at Sutton Hoo in the coming weeks while Judith slaves away at the Nuffield, bringing in the shekels. Gosh, it's hard being retired!

Next time we may even have a vehicle organised - things are happening quite quickly - by this time next year, it will all be a memory - tempus fugit!

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