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July 2017

The best laid plans

The 'Big Lap' is now somewhat fractured!

rain 14 °C
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For anyone who has not heard by other means, our flight with Singapore Airlines was delayed and we eventually arrived in Perth late on 12th July to be met by our very good friend, Len Stewart. Just after midnight, I had taken the luggage trolley to the trolley park then walked back towards Judith and Len between two cars. I didn't see the concrete block jutting out beyond one car wheel, tripped and fell heavily on my hip. Judith was able to help me up and get me to Len's car but when we arrived in Joondalup and I tried to stand, my leg collapsed - I had a fracture of the neck of femur! Len called an ambulance and I was ferried to Joondalup Health Campus, vastly grown since we were last here.

IMG_2343.jpg -
Steve sitting in car waiting for stretcher

IMG_2344.jpg - stretcher ready for loading

I was very well looked after in the Emergency Department before being transferred to a room on the orthopaedic wing. I had to wait for the effects of my blood thinners (from old PEs) to wear off before an operation could happen and on Saturday morning (15 July) I had a total hip replacement. Meanwhile, Judith had found that our unit had 13 steep steps and if we didn't find somewhere different, my discharge would be delayed and, probably, recovery affected. She duly found the lovely chalet that we are in now at Burns Beach.

I was discharged 20 July and we have since been cancelling some bookings and trying to sell the trailer and work out what Plan F entails by way of seeing more of Australia, if not quite as much as we had originally planned.

Meanwhile, I have lovely areas to walk to get exercise up and down the coast on a path above low cliffs.thumbnail_..21_134414-1.jpg

Our friends Tony & Stella joined us on my second outing


Today has been too stormy to venture out so I have had to exercise indoors while Judith is busy around the chalet. No plans have yet been formed, so watch this space - but don't expect too much in a hurry!

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Slow progress

On our way

semi-overcast 19 °C
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We had a very comfortable drive up to Heathrow Travelodge courtesy of Claydon Executive Travel, well worth the cost which was very reasonable. This Travelodge is far superior to other Travelodges that we have stayed at and has superb sound insulation - we can see aircraft, even almost the pilot's face,but no sound!

Singapore Airlines texted us and then sent emails to let us know that our departure was delayed, then further delayed. Our booked connection on to Perth is now gone and we shall not know what arrangements SIA have made until we get to Heathrow and check in.

Is this the last hiccough? I fear not but thus far no problem has been insurmountable just something to concentrate the mind.

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The sun does shine!

In England if not WA!

sunny 23 °C

Today is Judith's first birthday since retirement and it is a really lovely day. Have a lovely day darling - here's to lots more shared retirement experiences. XXX

Also, happily, our trailer has been located and we have been busily arranging licensing, insurance and collection. We have even packed one suitcase, so progress is being made.

On the home front, the hot water boiler died, so we are enjoying refreshing, freezing, cold showers and boiling the kettle for washing up - get used to it Deacons! All being well, this will be attended to while we are away, as will redecoration of much of the house, the latter courtesy of my (Steve's) nephew. The garden is another story. The growth this year has been phenomenal (best strawberries and gooseberries ever) but unfortunately weed growth has also run away. We have a very nice gentleman, Stan, who will try to keep the jungle down to perhaps a large forest level (it's only a small garden, for heaven's sake!) by the time we return.

Packing is 'interesting' as we are going from a pleasantly warm England to a Perth winter which, yesterday, was accompanied by very heavy rain. In a few weeks we shall be back in warmer, getting hotter, climes but then when we get to Tasmania we would like to visit Cradle Mountain which, I was advised by someone recently, can be very cold and windy - looks like multiple layers either side of shorts and shirts.

We shall be saying our farewells to some of the family in the next few days then off go the grey nomads.

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Last minute 'snags'

Where was my crystal ball

sunny 24 °C

A few weeks ago we had a problem with the saniflo system in our cloakroom. The chap who fixed this pointed out that the cistern had a leak. Our friendly plumber fixed this but a day later we had a large pool of water so he had to come back and found a second leak. Once that lot settle, we thought all was settling down.

Our dishwasher then flooded and after some palaver was replaced although we had to get someone else in to fit it due to the plumbing that had been put in when the kitchen was refitted a few years ago. Was this the third thing? Oh no! We started getting showers which ran hot and cold and washing up was similarly amusing. Our usual gas plumber came and ummed and aaahed and departed on a week's leave. Today I called in another firm and they have confirmed that we need the boiler replaced but they should be able to do that while we are away - per favour of one or other of one of our key holding friends or relatives.

Enough? Well, you would think so but I couldn't contact the bloke in Perth with whom I had been dealing for our camper trailer. A few weeks ago he said delivery would be about 21 June. I called the Sydney office and was told that it had been collected 5 June and was on its way by "the best means of transport available" - camel train perhaps? Today I spoke to someone else in Sydney who said that the Perth office had closed last weekend but that he would find where our trailer is and call me back - did he? Of course not.

So - we may or may not have a trailer and if we do it may be later than planned which will shorten some early stops. If it doesn't turn up, I shall be doing battle with the suppliers and will develop a Plan B which will require some radical changes to our travel plans.

At least I haven't been bored and Judith is finding out how exciting being retired can be.

Come what may, we are off to Heathrow on Monday and will be in Perth on Wednesday.

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