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August 2017

Burns Beach

A bit of information

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Since we are staying here longer than planned it seems worth jotting down a few notes about the area. Burns Beach is 34km north of the Perth CBD and is now part of the developed area of the coast.

In 1908 50 local residents successfully lobbied for the creation of a 49 acre reserve for camping and a health resort. The few locals who lived in the area in the early 20th century called the area Burns Beach after a farmer who ran sheep in the area.

For many years, a caravan park and a small cafe were about the only signs of development in the area and from our old house in Kallaroo (about half way between Perth and Burns Beach) we visited for the bush and hardly used coastal area. Most of the Perth area is (or was) sand dunes, so the low limestone cliffs of Burns Beach were a refreshing change and gave us a chance to take some different coastal photographs. From about the mid-1990s, housing finally sprawled into the area. It was developed quite thoughtfully with lovely parks dotted through the area - much needed as most houses cover most of the block on which they are built, leaving little room for gardens. That said, we wouldn't mind some of the houses which have indoor heated pools (usually solar-powered) and plenty of room to swing a cat. By English standards, these houses are very good value at around $800K.


The caravan park expanded over the years with the addition of cabins such as the one in which we are staying and the little cafe has become a very popular restaurant serving some very tasty food.


I have mentioned the coastal path before and this starts 710m north of the restaurant and then extends 17km all the way down to Trigg, mainly hugging the coast but occasionally curving inland briefly before rejoining the coast. So far we have managed to walk as far as Iluka, the next suburb south of here and have plans for getting further before we leave.

As regards our trip, this hinged on my meeting with the consultant on 24 September and he gave me the all clear. While waiting for that decision, we started equipping the Landcruiser ready for whatever travels we manage to achieve. Len helped Judith fit an awning on the side of the vehicle so that we can brew up or rest in shade when we get to hotter areas. I helped a bit but there was only so much I could do, still hopping around on my crutch at the time!

We caught up with Judith's cousin Judy and her husband, Bill, sometime this week when they were visiting the 'big smoke' from their home in Bridgetown and we have been invited to stay with them when we start our travels.

Next week I am seeing the physio again (for the last time?) and also catching up with Keith & Kathy and Peter Yong, so our extended stay here has been enjoyable on the social side. By now we would have been in the Kimberley so would have missed quite a few of our meetings with friends.

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Changes in Perth

Development gone mad and other matters

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A few days ago we took a drive up the coast and were horrified to see how much bushland has been destroyed in order for hundreds more houses to be built, many very unsympathetically, unlike most suburban areas.

On a brighter note, I saw the physio last Thursday and she was happy with progress so I am now on one crutch and have more exercises as it seems I pulled a muscle when I fell. These extra exercises are designed to prevent the occasional pains that I have had from the pulled area. Still get occasional 'pinging' pains in my thigh, mainly after lying in bed for a while, but generally continuing to improve.

We had a lovely lunch yesterday with friends from my days with Lotteries (now called Lotterywest). Keith & Kathy were great hosts and it was great to catch up with Darrell, Marion and Moira. I hope we can see them and other old friends again before we set off.


Today we went to see Mac & Sue and enjoyed a lovely lunch with them and we were delighted to find Fiona and Kirsty there. They welcomed like part of the family, just as when we lived here and Judith worked for Mac. I am sure we shall catch up with them also before we get moving very far.


Travel plans coming along quite well now but first I have to get the all clear from the consultant whom I shall be seeing in a couple of weeks' time.

Walking on one crutch is taking some getting used to, especially as it gives more work to the injured leg. Thus far I have not walked any new record distances but am building up each time. Meanwhile, Judith is taking some lovely photos of wildlife and scenery, especially late in the day when we have had some beautiful sunsets.

We are making good use of the restaurant which is about 10 paces from our cabin...


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Walking and exploring

Many changes

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Judith continues to look after me and do all the driving - can't help feeling that I shall pay when I can walk and drive again! Most days we have been able to make good use of the coastal pathway which runs for 17km from Burns Beach where we are staying all the way down to Trigg. Thus far my maximum has been about 1.5km on crutches.


Our camper trailer has been sold so that part of the dream is no more but we are working on revised plans which should enable us to get to most of the places on our original list - one way or another!

The biggest regret is that instead of spending time with Dave & Pat travelling through the Red Centre, they will now do that on their own and it looks as if we shall meet them somewhere on the Nullarbor for a couple of days.

As I am gradually becoming more mobile, we are catching up with various friends but still many to see!

We have been staggered by the changes in Perth. We were aware that there had been huge growth but were not really prepared for the extent of the building boom of the years since we were last here. Some of it is wonderful but some is really sad to see, unattractive, blocking formerly lovely views and generally not very sympathetic.

Fortunately, where we are we are spoilt by the lovely views, great restaurant only a few steps away and some lovely sunsets and sea views.


I'm getting more comfortable in the vehicle, particularly having mastered getting and out, so we should be able to travel a bit further afield soon - perhaps after I see the physio on 10 August.

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